Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
“Traincrew Representing Traincrew”

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
Traincrew Representing Traincrew

State Officials & Union Staff

State Secretary

After 18 years of dedicated service as AFULE State Secretary, Greg Smith tendered his resignation July 25, 2018 to President Warren Hinds. At the 2018 July Divisional Council Meeting the council appointed Michael McKitrick as State Secretary. AFULE election  for this position took place the later of the year and saw Michael become elected into the position.  

Known to most AFULE members as Mick, Michael McKitrick was a Locomotive Driver from the coal fields prior to taking a role at the AFULE State Office. Mick started in the Railway Industry in 2000 working various roles before qualifing as a Driver at the Jilalan Depot in 2008. Mick thoroughly enjoyed his time behind the controls and is proudly continuing the union motto of "Traincrew Representing Traincrew".

Mick comes from a strong unionised Railway background. Many family members, consisting of his Grandfather, Father, Uncles and Sibilings have worked within the Rail Industry and Mick's father completed 44 years of service with Queensland Rail.  Mick grew up amongst the tracks and has ample knowledge of the Industry. With Union values running strong in Mick's viens, he took the opportunity to join the AFULE State Office in early February 2016 as the AFULE Organiser.

Since 2016 Mick has been on the roads regularly visiting all regions of QLD to chat with members, attend sub branch meetings, deliver union training to delegates and activists, and attending all EBA bargaining and negoations. During his extensive travels Mick never misses an opportunity to hear what issues Traincrew are facing on the ground.

With many more challenges lying ahead to improve traincrew workplace conditions Mick is confident that working in solidarity can combat them all.

The workers united will never be defeated!

You can contact Mick at the office (07) 3844 9163 on mobile 0409 281 000 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Warren started his long standing career in the Railway for QR in Emerald in 1978, and joined the Traincrew grade in 1980. 

Joing AFULE in 1995 Warren was imediately a valued member to the union actively in improving the condition for Traincrew. He started as an active member of the Callemondah Sub Branch prior to being elected into the position of Sub Branch Secretary. Whilst acting as the Sub Branch Secretary at Callemondah he was also the Proxy No. 3 Divisional Cuncillor from 2006 to 2013. Durint this perior he was also elected into the position of Divison 3 Councillor. The 2013 elections saw Warren Hinds being awarded to position of AFULE State President.


Warren as State President presides at meetings of the Divional Council and preserves order so that buisinss is conducted in due form and propreity in the best interest of AFULE members. Warrenm consults regualrly with the State Secretary on matters affecting the welfare of the Union, whilst also offering support and assistance to Divisonal Councillors and Sub Branches to best represent the members.

Warren is well known for his direct and passionate style, and is fierce advocate for all members of the AFULE.  

Warren is committed to ensuring that the hard won conditions of Traincrew are maintained and enforced.  Warren has a particular interest in health and safety, and has played a major role in the development of new procedures to prevent Traincrew from being forced to work unscheduled overtime.  One of Warren’s significant achievements has been the negotiation of better pay and conditions for Traincrew in his area to reflect the value of the work they perform.  

When not working or attending to union business, Warren can be found in his spare spending time with his family grandchildren, having a cold beer and a punt on the horses, out and about caravanning or fishing as a member of his local fishing club. 

You can contact Warren Hinds on 0407 815 349.


Glen McGaw is the A.F.U.L.E. State Vice President, a position he has held since 2002. Prior to his election as Vice President, Glen was the Divisional Councillor for Division 3, and has also held a range of Branch positions over many years.

As Vice President, Glen is the A.F.U.L.E.’s lead delegate on a range of projects that directly affect the working conditions of Traincrew.  In this role, Glen has represented the interests of Traincrew across a wide range of workplace issues including the introduction of fatigue management systems, implementation of random drug and alcohol testing and the development of trauma support policies.

Glen is the Union’s training officer, providing union delegates with the skills they need to represent members and further the Union’s industrial aims.  Glen is also one of the Union’s Trainee Driver Mentors, welcoming new trainees to the grade and helping them through their training and assessment.

Most recently, Glen has led the union team in Passenger Services through their latest union collective agreement negotiations.

Glen commenced at Roma as an Engine Cleaner in October 1981 and was qualified as a Locomotive Driver Class II in 1986.  He has spent time in Roma, Toowoomba, Cloncurry, Dalby, Gladstone and Brisbane. Glen is currently a full time Locomotive Driver based at QR’s Mayne depot in Brisbane.

You can contact Glen McGaw on 0407 812 446.


Parrick Lord, known around the train tracks as Pat, started his career in the Rail Industry for the then QR in Easter of 2000. His first role was at the Townsville Depot in the position of Shunter. He worked as a Shunter at Townsville untill he applied to attending a Trainee Driver School at the Toowoomba Depot 2005. Having been accepted to the Trainee Driver School, Pat transferred to Toowoomba in 2005 where he qualified as Locomotive Driver not long after. Whilst working from the Toowomba depot Pat joined AFULE in begining of 2007, whilst furthering is career in the Railways and gaining the qualification of Tutor Driver.. 

Pat was offered a promotion with a transfer back to the Townsville depot as Driver In Charge in 2011. In 2013 Pat decided to step down to Tutor Driver up step up as an AFULE Rep. As an AFULE rep working Pat worked closely with the then Sub Branch Secretary Geln Ford. This succesfull working relationship prepared Pat for taking the role as Sub Branch Secretary and Division One Councillor in the 2016 election.

After working many years with QR National and then Aurizon in 2018 Pat decided it was time for a change and left Aurizon to join the Townsville Queensland Rail team.

Pat can be contacted on 0419 658 690



Ian Martin is a Driver at the Jilalan Depot and has been a proud member of the AFULE from 1977 to 1994, rejoining in 2010, during this time Ian has always been an active member and promoted the union movement. Ian has a long family history in the union movement with relatives being members and officials of the Maritime Union, Coal Miners Union, Meat Workers Union and the Electrical Trades Union.

During the years 1994 to 2010 Ian was employed by National Rail and Pacific National. He was Locomotive Division Sub Branch President at Acacia Ridge from 1999 to 2009 with another union. From 2014 Ian has been Sub Branch President of Jilalan Depot. In 2017 Ian became Division Two Councillor, in addition to being Jilalan Sub Branch President.

Ian Martin is proud of a diverse career within the railway. It started when he joined QR in 1977 as an Engine Cleaner at Mayne. In 1978 Ian passed his Fireman’s exam and was classed to Nonda in 1979. November of that year Ian returned to Mayne Depot. Ian passed his drivers exam in 1983. Ian took a role as a relief Fireman in 1987 at Jilalan and returned to Mayne later that year. In 1989 he was classed to Mayne as a Driver. He then transferred to the Acacia Ridge Freight Depot in 1992. In 1994 Ian took a role with National Rail, now known as Pacific National driving Interstate Freight Trains from Acacia Ridge QLD to Grafton and Taree in NSW. He continued that role till he returned to the Jilalan Depot in 2010 working once more for QR National, now owned by Aurizon.

Division Two is quite diverse with three different employers and respective enterprise agreements. Division Two manages this with the help of enthusiastic Sub Branch officials to represent our members fully.

Ian can be contacted on 0407 810 262


Stewart Rach has been a very active AFULE Union delegate since 2004 starting as a Committee member and over the years performing the roles of Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Chairperson of Sub Branch Callemondah. As well as AFULE No. 3 Councillor for Bluff, Callemondah and Stanwell. Since 2004 Stewart has been a very active representative of the AFULE, assisting his comrades whenever needed and getting behind Union Campaigns. He has been particularly passionate about the 2018 Change the Rules Campaign and will continue to fight for improvement in Australian working conditions.

Stewart served as Proxy Division Three Councillor from 2010 before becoming the Division Three Councillor in 2013. Stewart has worked tirelessly over the years for the members of Gladstone as a Representative and as a Councillor for AFULE.

Stewart has been a proud member of the AFULE since starting in Rockhampton as an Engine Cleaner for Queensland Government Railways in 1984.Stewart has worked in Rockhampton and Emerald as a Cleaner. Bluff, Biloela, St. Lawrence, Sarina and Mackay as an Acting Fireman (Locomotive Assistant) before being appointed as a Locomotive Assistant to Greenvale in 1988. In 1991 he worked briefly in Townsville before returning to Greenvale.
In 1993 the Greenvale depot was closed and Stewart moved to Gladstone. Stewart passed the Locomotive Driver’s exam in 1990 and was appointed as a Driver in Gladstone in 1994. In 2015 Stewart was appointed as a Tutor Driver.
Division Three is proudly represented by Stewart and its Representatives and serves AFULE members competently.

Stewart can be contacted 0407 810 824



John Pedersen joined AFULE January 1984, and has been an active union member throughout all his railway career. Starting by attending Local Depot Union Meetings as a committee member before taking on more senior positions such as Secretary of the Maryborough AFULE Sub Branch in 2002. In 2002 in addition to being Sub Branch Secretary John was elected in the Proxy position for the Division Four Councillor. When the 2008 AFULE Election came about John took the opportunity to nominate for the Division Four Councillor.

Like many within the Rail Industry, John comes from a strong Unionised Rail Family, both John's father and and grandfather both worked within the Rail Industry before him. When joining the AFULE in 1984, John was employed by Queensland Rail as an Engine Cleaner. During his first few weeks on the job Queensland Rail rain the first trial of Two Driver Operation run trains, securing employment for Engine Cleaners for years to come.

After 5 years as an Engine Cleaner John sat for and was qualified as Fireman in 1989. Working as a Fireman saw John travel West from his hometown of Maryborough doing stints in the suburbs of Monto and Gayndah.

Mayne ran a Training School in 1991, which John Pedersen was in attendance. The Training School enhanced John's rail career via promotion to Assistant Driver. John continued working from Mayne Depot until taking a transfer with promotion to Qualified Driver at his home town of Maryborough. John settled in comfortably to the Maryborough Depot, establishing himself within AFULE Sub Branch and gaining the support of it's members. In addition to taking on union responsibilities John furthered his traincrew career by stepping up into Tutor Driver position at Maryborough in 1999.

John is a passionate advocate for the rights of AFULE members and their fair treatment by management, backed with a wealth of knowledge specialising in freight traincrew agreements.

John can be contacted on 0407 812 062



 AFULE Division 5 Proxy Councillor Anthony Woodward has taken the lead with AFULE Citytrain duties, as Ian Casey recently resigned from the Railway. Anthony has been involved with Numerous Committees as a representative of the Union, since becoming a member early 2011. In addition to Anthony's Council responsibilities he is also currently the branch Secretary of Kippa Ring Depot.

Ever since join AFULE Anthony has been an active advocate for the union and continues to be involved in the implementation of rosters and Leave committees. When AFULE held the 2016 election Anthony nominated himself for the Proxy Division 5 position. Anthony saw this as an opportunity to learn from the wealth of knowledge and exprience of the Rail Industry which members of the AFULE Divisional Council have obtained during their individual careers.  

Since starting in the Rail Industry for Queensland Rail in 2007 as a transit Officer, Anthony quickly succeed in making career choices to move into traincrew. Firstly as a guard in 2008, and then June the following year graduating as a qualified Locomotive Driver. Anthony was based in Mayne Depot from 2009 until transferring to Kippa Ring in 2016 when the Moreton Bay line became active.

Division 5 is made up of numerous Sub branches within the Division, covering majority of the South Eastern Queensland Depots. Depots include Beenleigh, Bundaberg, Caboolture, Ferny Grove, Gympie, Ipswich, Kippa Ring, Manly, Mayne, Nambour, Petrie, Redbank, Robina, Shorncliffe, Springfield. Division 5 manages all these depots with the enthusiastic help of Sub Branches within each Depot.
Division 5 proudly represents all AFULE members.

Anthony can be contacted on 0408 562 494



James Melgert – AKA to all as Wally, has been a member of the AFULE since 2002. His Union involvement started as a member before signing up as Sub Branch President when working at the Emerald Freight Depot.
In 2006 Wally was transferred to his current Depot at Fisherman Islands, were he regularly attended Sub Branch Committee meetings. He stepped up to the position of Fisherman Islands Sub Branch President in 2008. Whilst continuing in the Presidents position he was also nominated as the Proxy Divisional Councillor for Division 6. The sudden passing of Wayne Roebeck during his tenure saw Wally move from Division 6 Proxy Councillor to Division 6 Councillor.
Wally’s Career in the Rail industry started in 1976 as a lad porter at the Indooroopilly Depot. Four years later in 1980 he was relocated to Acacia Ridge Depot in a shunter’s position. When transferred to Townsville Depot in 1982 he was promoted to Shunter in Charge, a position he held until 1989 at the Townsville Depot. After his stint as Shunter in Charge he relocated to Emerald in the position as foreman shunter until undergoing Driver Training during 2001. Wally has been qualified Locomotive Driver for the last 16 years, after being signed off in 2002.
November 2018 will mark 42 years in the Rail Industry; this long serving career gives Wally a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to assist AFULE members with their own Rail Career’s.
Since his time at Fisherman Islands, Wally has always been able to rely on the services of the AFULE State Office to assist him in providing the best possible advice to advocate and represent AFULE members.


Wally can be contacted on 0407 819 011


Kevin Voll has been a member of AFULE since joining Queensland Railways in 1972 in Toowoomba. Kevin has always been an active member of the union attending Toowoomba branch meetings from the beginning of his career.

Originally as a fireman, then acting Driver out at Toowoomba. In 1982 Kevin took a promotion seeing him leave Toowoomba depot for Cloncurry, as a qualified Driver. Kevin continued being an active member of the AFULE attending Cloncurry Sub Branch Meetings, where he was then elected as the Sub Branch Chairperson until he was transferred to Collinsville in 1986. Keeping up his commitment to improving the working conditions of the Traincrews he was a regular attendee at the Collinsville Branch meetings. Kevin was still working from the Collinsville Depot when it closed, resulting in a transfer to Cairns where he continued his union pride.

In 1993 he took a transfer sending him back where Kevin’s AFULE career began at the Toowoomba Depot. It didn’t take long for the Toowoomba Sub Branch Committee to title Kevin as Sub Branch Secretary. Whilst acting as the Sub Branch Secretary, the position for No. 7 Divisional Councillor came up for nomination, to which Kevin put his hand up to fill, whilst continuing to maintain his Sub Branch Secretary status. He did this until Mr. Sam Brotherton offered to relieve Kevin as the Sub Branch Secretary. Sam is currently still AFULE Toowoomba Sub Branch’s Secretary. Kevin Voll is available to support any of AFULE Division 7 members with any industrial issues they may experience.

With 7 grandchildren, 3 Sons, a daughter and a loving wife, Kevin is able to balance his work and union careers as well as being a devoted family man.

Kevin can be contacted on: 0407 818 905


Mel is responsible for providing your Local and Regional representatives with advice relating to your agreement, your employment, industrial laws, your rights in the workplace and reform to the laws which affect you. Your Industrial Officer represents you and your union before state and federal Commissions and related tribunals, and negotiates resolutions to disputes.  

You can contact Mel on (07) 3844 9163, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.