Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
“Traincrew Representing Traincrew”

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
Traincrew Representing Traincrew


Kevin Voll has been a member of AFULE since joining Queensland Railways in 1972 in Toowoomba. Kevin has always been an active member of the union attending Toowoomba branch meetings from the beginning of his career.

Originally as a fireman, then acting Driver out at Toowoomba. In 1982 Kevin took a promotion seeing him leave Toowoomba depot for Cloncurry, as a qualified Driver. Kevin continued being an active member of the AFULE attending Cloncurry Sub Branch Meetings, where he was then elected as the Sub Branch Chairperson until he was transferred to Collinsville in 1986. Keeping up his commitment to improving the working conditions of the Traincrews he was a regular attendee at the Collinsville Branch meetings. Kevin was still working from the Collinsville Depot when it closed, resulting in a transfer to Cairns where he continued his union pride.

In 1993 he took a transfer sending him back where Kevin’s AFULE career began at the Toowoomba Depot. It didn’t take long for the Toowoomba Sub Branch Committee to title Kevin as Sub Branch Secretary. Whilst acting as the Sub Branch Secretary, the position for No. 7 Divisional Councillor came up for nomination, to which Kevin put his hand up to fill, whilst continuing to maintain his Sub Branch Secretary status. He did this until Mr. Sam Brotherton offered to relieve Kevin as the Sub Branch Secretary. Sam is currently still AFULE Toowoomba Sub Branch’s Secretary. Kevin Voll is available to support any of AFULE Division 7 members with any industrial issues they may experience.

With 7 grandchildren, 3 Sons, a daughter and a loving wife, Kevin is able to balance his work and union careers as well as being a devoted family man.

Kevin can be contacted on: 0407 818 905