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AFULE State Office is now located at 41 Peel Street, South Brisbane.

Our phone number is 07 3844 9163

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State office

President – Warren Hinds

Warren Hinds - Divisional CouncillorWarren was elected to President in 2014.  He has also held the position of Division 3 Councillor since 2006 to 2013.  Warren is well known for his direct and passionate style, and is fierce advocate for members in Division 3.  Warren’s district incorporates the Central Queensland coal fields.

Warren is committed to ensuring that the hard won conditions of Traincrew are maintained and enforced.  Warren has a particular interest in health and safety, and has played a major role in the development of new procedures to prevent Traincrew from being forced to work unscheduled overtime.  One of Warren’s significant achievements has been the negotiation of better pay and conditions for Traincrew in his area to reflect the value of the work they perform.  
Warren is one of the A.F.U.L.E.’s Trainee Driver Mentors.  In this capacity, Warren spends time welcoming new drivers into the grade.  Warren works with new drivers to help them settle into their new role and to support them through their training and assessment.

Warren joined QR in Emerald in 1978, and joined the Traincrew grade in 1980.  When not working or attending to union business, Warren can be found fishing, camping or playing with his first grandchild.

 You can contact Warren Hinds on 0407 815 349.


State Secretary – Greg Smith

Greg SmithGreg is the current State Secretary of the A.F.U.L.E.  Greg has been a member of the A.F.U.L.E. for 33 years, and has been involved in a representative capacity for 25 of those years.  Greg has been a full time officer bearer since 1992, holding the position of State President between 1992 and 2000, and the position of State Secretary from 2000 to the present.

During his tenure, Greg has been part of a leadership team that has overseen significant challenges and changes, for both Traincrew in the field and the Union itself.  This period has seen the vote against amalgamation with other transport unions and the continuance of the A.F.U.L.E. as an independent craft-based union.  It has also seen the negotiation of the first Traincrew collective agreement – a watershed agreement for Queensland Traincrew.

In recent times, Greg has led the Union through the significant changes brought about by the federal take-over of industrial relations – guiding the Union and its members through the challenges presented by the new laws.  Most recently, Greg has ensured the long-term future of the Union by achieving federal registration of the union.

Prior to taking on a full time role with the Union, Greg was a fully qualified Locomotive Driver Class II based at Ipswich.

You can contact Greg Smith on (07) 3257 1151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vice President – Glen McGaw

Glen Mcgaw - AFULE Vice PresidentGlen McGaw is the A.F.U.L.E. State Vice President, a position he has held since 2002.   Prior to his election as Vice President, Glen was the Divisional Councillor for Division 3, and has also held a range of Branch positions over many years.

As Vice President, Glen is the A.F.U.L.E.’s lead delegate on a range of projects that directly affect the working conditions of Traincrew.  In this role, Glen has represented the interests of Traincrew across a wide range of workplace issues including the introduction of fatigue management systems, implementation of random drug and alcohol testing and the development of trauma support policies.

Glen is the Union’s training officer, providing union delegates with the skills they need to represent members and further the Union’s industrial aims.  Glen is also one of the Union’s Trainee Driver Mentors, welcoming new trainees to the grade and helping them through their training and assessment.

Most recently, Glen has led the union team in Passenger Services through their latest union collective agreement negotiations.

Glen commenced at Roma as an Engine Cleaner in October 1981 and was qualified as a Locomotive Driver Class II in 1986.  He has spent time in Roma, Toowoomba, Cloncurry, Dalby, Gladstone and Brisbane. Glen is currently a full time Locomotive Driver based at QR’s Mayne depot in Brisbane.

You can contact Glen McGaw on 0407 812 446.


Industrial Officer – Mel Brewer

Mel is responsible for providing your Local and Regional representatives with advice relating to your agreement, your employment, industrial laws, your rights in the workplace and reform to the laws which affect you. Your Industrial Officer represents you and your union before state and federal Commissions and related tribunals, and negotiates resolutions to disputes.  

You can contact Mel on (07) 3257 1151, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Organiser - Mick McKitrick

Mick is your state organiser, a former QR and Aurizon driver from the coal fields, he joined your state office in a full time capacity in early February 2016. After being a union delegate and activist for many years, Mick is now working full time for you and your interests in the workplace. Mick is well versed in all current EBA’s relating to rail and has been a part of the negotiating team for many of them.

Mick makes regular visits to all regions of QLD to chat with members, attend sub branch meetings and deliver union training to delegates and activists. Mick is passionate about improving traincrew workplace conditions, feel free to contact him if there are issues in your depot or if you have ideas of how to increase power in your workplace.  

You can contact Mick on (07) 3257 1151, 0409 281 000, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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