Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
“Traincrew Representing Traincrew”

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Employees
Traincrew Representing Traincrew

Dear members,


Late last year the AFULE conducted elections for State representatives and local sub branch positions. On 16 December 2019 we received a letter from the Registered Organisation Commission, in relation to the AEC Election Report outlining that two of the AFULE Federal Rules were difficult to interpret or apply. The relevant part of the report is extracted here:




As a result of the notification form the ROC & AEC the AFULE has given an undertaking to the ROC, today, the 10th January 2020 to alter our rules to clear any ambiguity AFULE responded per the below.


We understand under Section 198(1) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (“the Act”) The AFULE must give the AEC a written response to the issues raised within 30 days of the report being provided to us.  

 I wish to advise you in relation to r. 23(3) the Federal rules of the AFULE will be amended and put in place to define the seniority order of State positions prior to the next union election to be held in 2022. I am currently seeking legal advice in relation to the best way to amend r.23(3) and would be happy to provide the particulars of that change once they are determined.


Further, I wish to advise it is the AFULE’s intention to adopt the AEC’s recommended change to r. 23(5) and amend the Federal rules to that effect prior to the next union election in 2022.


We will work to have these rules altered in the very near future and will notify members once this transition commences.

A  full copy of the AFULE post-election report is available to members upon request.


Please contact your state office by telephone on 07 3844 9163 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further information


In solidarity,  

Michael McKitrick

AFULE State Secretary